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How to Use the Site was set up for sugar momma's, sugar daddys and sugar babys. people like you to chat and meet other people in the hope that you might have something in common. You should keep your private information to yourself until you know the other person better. If you decide to begin dating, then you'll find that you'll be able to enjoy your life in many ways.

You should make it a point to read about the rules of our site so that you are aware of them. Following the rules will allow you to communicate with the other people that you find that you have an interest in and might want to get to know them better.

Setting up Your Profile

When you first come on the site, you'll want to set up a profile. It's important that you have a user name and a password. Most people do not use their first name as a user name to protect their privacy. You can tell people about your education, your interests, and other things that you enjoy.

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Problems While Using the Site

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